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I first went to the Gallery as a child. There was only a custodian then - no professional staff. My mother was asked by the custodian if she'd like to see their latest acquisition - a Norman Lindsay nude. Us children were left outside his office while Mum went in for a look! Merle

1405 days ago

This poem by local poet Barry Breen, will evoke some memories of the beautiful gallery building The Grand Stairway My great-grandfather would have said you could drive a twelve-horse team up those steps six abreast and room to spare. If there was reason to. So the stone stairway between its elaborate art nouveau balustrades fills with horses now in my imagination and the paintings above the first landing are lit with the life of another age — a bullock cart, bushland, gum trees, cottages, a man on a grey horse in evening light — all caught incongruously in gilded frames. Like a child led by the hand I am brought upstairs to other worlds, other centuries, here still to be discovered over and over again.

1547 days ago

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