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One of Australia's most notorious bushrangers couldn't wait to get out of this place. From the Ballarat Star, 11 June 1872 "Early on Monday morning the town was informed by rapid moving rumor that the gaol had been broken open and that six prisoners had escaped. This was sensational enough as a bare statement, and the interest was soon quickened when the rumor was found out to be a fact, and that the notorious Scott alias Captain Moonlite, of Egerton Bank robbery note, was one of the prison breakers." Captain Moonlite - real name Andrew Scott - was one of Australia's celebrity bushrangers. He robbed a bank at Mt Egerton, about 30km east of Ballarat, and went to live the high life in Sydney on the proceeds. When his crime was discovered and he was brought back to Ballarat to face trial he managed to escape by cutting holes in the cell walls and tying blankets together to form a rope. He was captured soon after and sentenced to 10 years hard labour after a sensational eight-day trial in which he ended up taking over from his own legal counsel and representing himself. After serving his time Captain Moonlite stepped out on the celebrity speaking tour, taking up the cause of prison reform. The bushranging life kept calling him though, as he and his gang patrolled country around northern Victoria and southern NSW. He was eventually captured, tried and hanged in Sydney in 1880. We're not sure if this is EXACTLY where he escaped from, but you can imagine those sheets tied together trailling down that bluestone wall. If only he had the footbridge back then it would've been much easier.

1434 days ago

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