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13 individuals were executed on the Ballarat Gaol gallows. The Gallows have been restored and are now on display in the historic precinct in Smythesdale opposite the Court House Hotel. They are the only set of working gallows outside the Old Melbourne Gaol.

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In all there were 13 executions carried out here at the Ballarat Gaol. Look up at the trapdoor in the roof of the passageway here... This is where those men met their fate.

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From the Ballarat Evening Post, 1 March, 1864 The Confession and Execution of Alexander Davis "The dread sentence of the law was carried into effect this morning on the person of Alexander Davis, who was found "Guilty" at the late Circuit Court of the murder of George Sims, at Smythesdale, on the 31st May, 1863. The hour of execution was fixed for nine o'clock, and by about eight o'clock a number of persons had began to assemble in the vicinity of the gaol ... a few minutes before nine o'clock, the inner yard was occupied by about fifty persons of all classes, from professional men downwards. At nine o'clock the inside doors were opened, and the spectators were admitted into the main corridor, where the ghastly instrument is permanently fixed. The unhappy culprit was in the upper condemned cell, attended by the Rev. Mr. Potter and the Rev. Mr. Hollis and their voices, administering the last religious services, could distinctly be heard. ... the unfortunate man was led to the scaffold, his face being turned away from the spectators. In the midst of prayer, to which he listened attentively, the bolt was drawn, a heavy thud was heard, and the sentence of the law had been fulfilled. A few convulsive motions could be observed, the executioner was once obliged to pull the legs of the deceased, and all was over. He admitted his guilt and the justice of his sentence. His last words were, "I am truly happy."

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