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A story from FedUni academic Dr David Waldron... I have heard many ghost stories from students on the site as an old Prison. This is unsurprising given the visual appearance of the building and the many stories in the local community which were still circulating from when it was a prison until 1965. I certainly have heard stories from older Ballarat residents about taking money for cigarettes and other knick knacks when it was an active prison in the 560s and 60s through the windows on Grant st. I also have heard gossip from students who claimed to have seen people in 19th C clothing etc at night and so on. Given the location of the site, its place in local, history and that it is used for dark tourism by the Eerie Tours, it is not surprising these yarns circulate. I also would also draw attention to stories from Trove and from Prov on the 13 people executed at the Gaol and the former gallows at Smythesdale.

1425 days ago

Some say this campus is one of the most haunted places in Australia. We're not saying where they've been spotted, but if you feel anything, or see anything, let us know on here somewhere. Keep your senses tuned in!

1427 days ago

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