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The Front Wall - Jim Brown, Electrical Engineering Student (1968 -1970) The bluestone walls surrounding the two Lydiard Street entrance gates to the prison were of particular interest to the School of Mines rock climbing club. The club was accustomed to travelling many kilometres to get access to Victoria’s prime climbing sites. The walls were long viewed with covetous looks but due to the fact that armed guards patrolled the walls, it was considered injudicious to partake of our hobby considering the possible outcomes. When the prison was finally decommissioned it was thought that the golden days of the school climbing club had finally come. Ray Fenton, lecturer in science and leader of our club was in his element as the first day of ascents was planned. Ray was a laconic man whose appearance and slow rambling gait gave little indication of his impressive athletic abilities. He was also a black belt in Judo. All was on track when the government heritage representative made his presence felt, and before the first harness was belted on and the first carabiner clipped, the idea of having our very own cliff face evaporated in front of our eyes only to lay buried under a pile of bureaucratic memos, never to be resurrected again.

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