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Former North Star Hotel & Hope Bakery 1861 Simon & Bardwell SLV 8. Former Methodist/Uniting Church, Morton Street This collection of buildings were at the heart of Mount Pleasant’s spiritual, social and cultural life for more than a century. The first structures here were a large canvas Wesleyan chapel erected in 1855, followed two years later by a wooden church. The first minister to preach here was the Rev Theophilus Taylor, the Wesleyan circuit superintendent. After the bluestone church was built in 1865 the old wooden church was used both as a Sunday School and as a Denominational School and then as a National School. A new building was necessary in 1876 to accommodate the 200 Sunday School scholars and their 20 teachers. This was replaced in 1906 by the red brick building on the corner. Susan Trethowan, whose name can be found on one of its five foundation stones, had attended Sunday School in the canvas chapel in 1855. The modern cream brick church was completed in 1955, a century after the first tent chapel was erected at the Reserve. The magnificent cedar grove, which once surrounded most of the church block, was planted in 1917 by the Independent Order of Rechabites to commemorate local members who served in WW1. The grounds were originally fenced and included a caretaker’s cottage at the south-west corner, and, from 1927 until the 1990s, tennis courts. In 1993 part of the land was set aside for parish retirement units. In November 2006, the small remaining congregation decided to disband the church.

77 days ago

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