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A great picture of the building in the 1920s-

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A story from Jim Brown, a former student of the Ballarat Technical School "You are standing in the middle of what used to be the main quadrangle assembly area of the Central Technical School, an all-male school of around 500 students. The double story building ahead (East) was the main classroom block of the School. Fifteen meters to your right, bordering the quadrangle, was the side fence on the Ballarat Gaol which is now covered by the Library building. The Ballarat Junior Technical School, or as it was later known, the Central Technical School was considered by some as a tough school. The school was in close proximity to both the Ballarat brewery, directly opposite in Lydiard Street, and the Prison which bordered the school quadrangle. The smell of brewing hops passing over the school assembly contributed to the academic atmosphere along with the sound of expletives coming from her Majesties guests housed in the cell blocks just behind a tall barbed wire topped green metal fence. I'm particularly reminded of the occasion when Footscray football legend Teddy Whitten came to Ballarat and addressed the Monday morning assembly as part of our weekly inspirational. The assembly was conducted from the balcony of the stair way, since removed, which gave access to the second floor classrooms. The lecture became particularly elevating when the prisoners got wind of the amplified celebrity and decided to contribute to the discussion with shouted curses spat in brief staccato outbursts through the cell windows. Unfortunately they were not Footscray supporters. Mr Whitten soon came to the conclusion that witty banter would not save the day and the talk was prematurely terminated much to the displeasure of both the students and the prisoners. The invited guest accompanied by the Headmaster beat a disgruntled retreat to the staffroom, while we the students disbanded to the sounds of laughter and the odour of fermenting hops."

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